islami düğün

Manevi ve kültürel değerlerimize hitap eden alternatif düğün islami düğün programlarımızla sizlerleyiz.

En özel gününüzün daha da güzelleşmesi için, tüm kadromuzla en iyi organizasyonu gerçekleştirnek için çalışıyoruz.

Her bütçeye uygun organizasyon paketlerimiz mevcuttur. Size en uygun paketi belirlemek islami düğün için lütfen iletişime geçiniz

Place of business head office in Izmir / Konak available with an organization company.

Sunucluğuyla scene that we started in 2001, on the road, concerts, conferences, panel discussions, and in particular an alternative to religious-cultural content, events, weddings, engagements, christenings, landing and so on. successfully execute the activities of our professional staff.

islami düğün

Our programs across Turkey, the most noticeable point is that we, the organization realized that our clients' most special days is "consciousness. This is the most special days of our work we also take care to extremely.

We saw hundreds organization realized that, a successful business of extracting value equal to the true and sincere smile. Seeing the happy faces, thanked duydukça offered us our work is motivated by a separate and are working hard to catch the better.

In our house artists, musicians, Semazenlerimiz, Chat teachers and the Stand-upcılarımız, Poetry Performers, Animation team, specialists, Stage servers, the People's Game Our ​​group, Mehter team and other technical staff in the organization as a large family "Hit" said hearts are trying to scrape the joy .

The same day and at the same time to many organizations is able to return to having a large staff. And with each passing day are very pleased to be joining our growing family new friends.
Let's Meet you in Nice Fine Organizations
'Come! Whoever you are, come again! 'Said the master of tolerance Hz. Symbolizing the love of the Creator and the chattering of Mevlana Sema is a form of dhikr.

Experienced semazenlerimizle we continue to live our culture firmament.

Muçay per Whirling Dervish Hasan and his team will continue to serve as the organization of various events hit.

Male semazenlerimizin, as well as special events just for women semazenimiz in 4 women are looking forward to bring this beautiful task.

Turkey as well as in 44 countries demonstrating our group is happy to successfully represent our country abroad.

Happy birthday programs, the month of Ramadan activities, special events, corporate openings, Semazenlerimizi can invite them to your events, such as weddings and circumcisions.

islami düğün

Packages are available to suit every budget organization. To determine the most appropriate package to you, please contact us.


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